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You've seen the commercial. 'Avoid being ripped off! Use CarMD to diagnose your own vehicle and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars!!" And right in the middle of this infomercial that exploits the fear of unscruplous repair centers is ASE. It's even on the CarMD website! The testing and certifying standard of all service and repair centers (ASE) is actually participating in an ad for a company that sales it's CarMD product by telling you not to trust what the repair center tells you is wrong with your car! That's right! A standard that we have all believed to be the 'golden rule' of Automotive Service Excellence is assisting a company in marketing a product to keep customers away from the very service centers that they certify! I was dumbfounded!

Any company that sales it's product by using fear-mongering tactics backed up by an ASE certification (unwittingly or otherwise) needs to be called 'on the carpet'. Shame on ASE. Shame on CarMD. I think we should all remove our ASE signs until ASE removes their 'AD' from CarMD's website. A real Benedict Arnold could be no prouder.


  • Tony, thanks for the phone call and explaining ASE's position.  I was unaware of the widespread inappropriate use of the ASE brand.  I still don't like what CarMD is doing, but at least I know ASE has no direct involvement now.  I have yet to hear CarMD's side of the story, and anticipate that I probably won't.  After our discussion, it seems that virtually anyone can claim to be ASE certified and only after your legal department becomes involved do they remove the signage or withdraw the claim.  Craig's List and E-Bay are polluted with such claims, and it seems you guys have your work cut out .  I do wonder if CarMD verifys certification for their 'network' of ASE technicians?  Possibly, ASE should assign a certification number backed up with a national site verifying as such.  Just a thought.

    WAP, 2 years ago | Flag
  • I'm not sure how to say this any more clearly, but there is no relationship between ASE and CarMD beyond their employing certified technicians. ASE does not certify businesses, but those businesses that employ ASE certified professionals may use a sign stating that fact, as you mention. Tens of thousands of businesses do. It doesn't mean that ASE endorses any particular business model or is in any way involved with that business operation. I also strongly disagree with your implications that ASE is somehow doing something wrong. Where we agree is our mutual dislike of negataive advertising, which I've seen from many quarters in this industry. It's unfortunate that any business chooses to use fear and unfair stereotypes to characterize our industry, but that's not something ASE or anyone else has any control over. Have you shared your concerns with CarMD?

    TonyMolla, 2 years ago | Flag
  • http://www.carmd.com/Support/TechnicalSupport - click on this link Tony, and you'll see what I mean.  Does ASE have no knowledge of this???  There may possibly be other issues as well!  Take a look for youself.

    WAP, 2 years ago | Flag
  • Hence my statement of 'unwittingly or otherwise.'  For me to be able to hang an ASE sign on anything that belongs to me, I must have first passed a test, and secondly - possibly more importantly- I must pay ASE.  I know that ASE is a non-profit corporation, but I feel very stongly that CarMD is certainly not, and I repeat not ASE certified either in any way ,shape, or form.  It would be like saying Moog Chassis or Standard Ignition is ASE certified.  Since CarMD openly utilizes the ASE logo on thier site, I wonder how much of a donation they gave ASE for the 'rights' to use it?

    ASE has become more of a brand than an industry standard, and by allowing use of their brand for what I call snake oil salemanship dilutes ASE's integrity.  The negative image that CarMD uses to characterize my industry is something that I thought ASE was trying to protect and insure the integrity of which from being destroyed.  To further dramatize my viewpoint, it would be like a Satanic Cult using Jesus as a spokesmodel for evil products meant to destroy everything Christianity stands for only because God and Jesus know Satan so well.  That may be a tad over dramatic, actually a lot overboard, but the image of such a thing cheapens my faith of the things in which I believe.

    I appreciate your stance that ASE is purely altruistic, and is innocent of all charges.  I hope they are.  If they are not, I want to know how much I have to pay ASE not to have to study, study, study and take time to test and travel hundreds of miles to do so.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's most likely a duck.  I'm working on an article even as we speak so both ASE and CardMD have a chance to clear the air on a confusing if not misleading realtionship.  I welcome their contributions and encourage CarMD's marketing department to change the language of their ad.  ....Mark

    WAP, 2 years ago | Flag
  • Just for the record, I did go back and look at the CarMD website, including their videos. There is no ASE logo or any mention of ASE on that website, or in the videos, beyond the mention of their network, which I pointed out earlier.

    TonyMolla, 2 years ago | Flag

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