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Mitchell Seam Sealer

During the replacement of some OE parts it may be necessary to apply seam sealer to the edges of the panel. Toyota hoods and doors are 2 examples of parts that come from the OE with no seam sealer applied so during the repair process we must allocate time and materials to do this operation. In the Mitchell collision estimating guide or P-Pages it states the labor to apply the seam sealer “if necessary” is an included operation with the replacement of the panel. It states that the labor is included but not the materials so they would need to be charged on the estimate.

Replacing the sealer can be a tedious job when done correctly. There have been DEG users submit inquiries stating their time study to replace the seam sealer could be up to 1 hour. The below inquiry is just one example of when the time is not sufficient to replace the seam sealer and also change out the hood. In this case Mitchell increased the time by .3 after a review of the replacement procedure.

IssueSummary//Mitchell Includes replacement of factory seam sealer for all panels in their labor time. Time paid for replacement is 0.7

SuggestedAction// Increase time to accurately reflect the necessary procedures and operations to put vehicle back to OEM specifications.


Proposed Response Text:


R&R HOOD PANEL ...... 1.0


While completing your estimating process if you come across a time that is low like the example above then please submit an inquiry to the DEG so we can work with the IP to get the labor changed to accurately reflect the proper time. You can submit an inquiry on our website at www.degweb.org.



    Not only is the application necessary to restore the repaired vehicle it is often very time consuming and difficult to match the OEM appearance of which the repairer will be ultimately judged by.


    Matching the texture and appearance (shape and color) of the applied seam sealer, from an appearance standpoint, is nearly as important as adding it at all regarding restoration of the vehicle’s pre-loss appearance and value.




    From natural buff colors to sprayed on, brushed-on, ribbon style and robotically applied the repairer’s responsibility is to duplicate the original appearance as best possible given the materials and tools available in the aftermarket repair environment.


    When owning and operating my collision repair facility it was not uncommon to receive reasonable compensation for the removal of original seam sealer to making templates and specially designed applicators (e.g. carved squeegee etc.) to duplicate the appearance of robotically applied seam sealers such as oftentimes found at the inner door at the door skin flange.


    The reason for such attention to detail is in our shop’s motto: “Where the Sign of a Good Repair…Is No Sign at All!”


    Each manufacturer and often various models have different shapes and sizes of seam sealers and it’s the repairer’s job to duplicate them as best possible.


    When performing a post repair inspection, we at Auto Damage Experts look for such indicators and can easily determine the repairer’s commitment and efforts to properly and thoroughly restore the repaired vehicle’s appearance and its value.




    Seam sealers also are an extremely important element of safety and corrosion protection and should be placed high on the repairer’s list of importance. Distinct and significant liabilities can and often do result from a repairer’s failure to apply the correct seam sealers and do so in a proper manner.


    Repairers should receive compensation for not only the application and costly materials, but also for the removal and the matching of its original appearance in color, shape and/or texture.


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