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Revving up profits

The year is wrapping up and owners around the country are looking at ways to rev up their profits in 2011. One company has a unique approach to building better workflows and average repair orders.

Auto Profit Masters this fall unveiled its RPM Toolkit, designed to help today’s owners get a better idea of where their shop stands and how to improve it. David Rogers, president of Auto Profit Masters, says the toolkit, which looks like a vehicle’s dashboard with various gauges, gives shops the feedback they need to firm up their finances.

Just picture watching all your numbers move on dashboard gauges not ledger lines and you’ll get an idea of what the company is offering.

In about five minutes per day, the RPM ToolKit gives owners instant feedback about gross profit, their daily production and their work pipeline. It lets them compare staff against itself and against other shops in the country. You can measure your shop now against previous years and against other shops in the country.

All of the users have race-inspired usernames, so no one knows specifically what shop they are looking at.

The dashboards, which remind you of playing a video game when you use the program, are unique to each user, too. What an owner sees on his or her dashboard is different from what each technician sees on his or her screens.

Rogers explains that users can click on gauges to see more information on what is being tracked in addition to tools on how to improve low numbers. One click will take a user to related audio or articles on the measurement, including lessons as simple as definitions to more involved ones like definitions, how-to pieces, case studies or full-blown pieces.

“It’s a dynamic way to get everybody on the same page we’re on,” Rogers told me.

In addition to improving matters within your shop, those using the RPM ToolKit each month and hitting their shops benchmarks are entered in prize drawings. At the end of the year, the top users are recognized and promoted in audio clips to showcase how to simplify jobs around the shop or how to make more money.

To check out the program, just go to RPMToolKit.com or AutoProfitMasters.com.


  • We have been using Webtools and then the RPM Tool Kit since last February. It is the best tool for measuring my shop's performance that I have seen. It allows me to see exactly what is happening with each employees' performance at a glance. It allows my service advisors to see the profit on each job as they go. I have been in this business for nearly 30 years and these tools have finally let see and understand how my business is doing. With the systems and solutions provided with this tool kit I can now find solutions to some of the toughest problems I have had with shop operation. It is easy to see where I need to put my attention and apply my efforts. The APM people are very knowledgeable and are quick to help with any request.

    alsframe, 4 years ago | Flag
  • Finally! After years of purchasing tools and equipment, I have found a tool for the front of the shop. I no longer have to wait until the end of the month to find out if I won or lost the game. I can tell instantly where and why I have an issue and it also has a ton of helpful content to get those problems fixed. I can see gross profit on parts and labor, I can see what my techs and service writers are doing and help them make the corrections to allow us all perform as we should. For the price of this tool you cant go wrong. Very valuable. If you are a shop that is having a hard time making it in this economy then do yourself a favor and find out why. The problems will stare you right in the face. Then if you choose not to fix them you will have no one to blame but yourself.  

    realpro1, 4 years ago | Flag
  • The RPM tool kit is not only a great, fast(just a few seconds a day) way to get a snapshot of my shop's vital numbers and percentages, it is also a great way to engage my employees into their performance in my business. The technicians and service writers receive only information that they need to know and have control of. And if their numbers fall short, the necessary training is a click away to correct the problem. Its a great way to hold your employees accountable for their responsibilities. I also appreciate that whenever and more importantly wherever I might be, a quick connection to the internet, log in, and I see exactly whats happening in my shop, RIGHT NOW.


    joco1, 4 years ago | Flag
  • Hey guys,

    THANK YOU for jumping in with your personal experiences!

    We just received an email last Friday, from a shop owner in Alaska who claims that his already-successful shop increased THEIR profits by 400%!!! 

    Imagine taking your personal income and multiplying it by 3 or 4!

    The RPM ToolKit (TM) is truly the culmination of many years of succesful entreprenurial work, and consulting with some of the top shops in the US. I am excited that it's performing for all of you, like it does in our very own shop here in Colorado, (www.kellerbros.com).

    If anyone has any questions about this simple, inexpensive, money-making tool and how it can really do what everyone else says it can, just drop me an email at coach@autoprofitmasters.com and I'll get you a FREE Demo set up for whenever works for you.

    ShopFixer, 4 years ago | Flag
  • The RPM Toolkit is the absolute best measurement tool available to repair shops today!  We have been using APM's measurement system since February 2009 and didn't think it could get any better.  However, the improvements made with the new RPM toolkit are amazing!  The dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of which numbers are above or below target and how many dollars you could missing out on for the month.  Every important number is tracked and measured from the entire shop to the individual performance of each service advisor and technician.  There is even a link to click on for information on how to fix a missed target.  You can even compare your numbers to see how you stack up against top shops across the country.  I could not imagine trying to keep my finger on the pulse of our shop without the RPM Tool kit!  Even if you are already measuring your shop's performance on a daily basis, I recommend you test drive the RPM Toolkit today!

    harrisgarage, 4 years ago | Flag

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